Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dumbing Down Our Youth

The Shrub Administration generated the absurdly impossible nonsensical term "No kid left behind" which possibly could be the most unsafe concept, should one in a place to make good such as horror chose to do so.

First we necessitate understand what is meant by left behind. None desire to go forth a kid behind after determining the pupil can and will maintain up. Good council for school is the same as all else in competitory existence; lead, follow or acquire out of the way. Not all are or can go leadership and following makes not intend being left behind, no substance how long the lag. Leaving behind connotes disregard whereas following makes not but rather allows one to make the best one can at their ain pace, without putting a damper on those in lead.

The danger bes when those who are not able to maintain up with those in Pb demand the leadership slow down and make less than their best thereby depriving those who would excel. The result of that is to greatly decrease if not completely eliminate those of first-class ability. Keep in head not all are rocket scientists, nor demand they be.

No kid left behind put option on the dorsums of small children the devastation of excellence and is commonly a marked purpose of any Socialist sort of authorities that would dense down a population so as to keep dependance and the attender control. A predictable result is the dramatic decrease in excellence, imagination, accomplishment thought and ideals.

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