Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Is Going On With The Fast Food?

I cognize a batch of it is not good for you. BUT what is up with it calling out your name and saying come up bargain me I am so good. I talking the arches, and I am talking the Gallic fries. Every clip I go through this topographic point I desire some and I immediately believe how crispy and good they are. You make not even necessitate catsup on them. What is up with that? Food makes not speak to you. Are there anybody else that is experiencing this?

Well the 1 twenty-four hours my adolescent girl came place and said she had seen a move called "Supersize Me" in school. This is no hyperbole she talked to us for the remainder of that eventide about this movie. I not going to travel in a batch of detail, however she never wanted to eat at the arches again. She said they did a experimentation with the fries, by placing them in a glass jar for 45 days, and nil changed. They did not acquire molded or anything thought if something could be preserved like that, the organic structure would have got batch of jobs with breakage it down. So this was enough for us (my family) to state no more than feeding there. However, it makes not intend I still make not hunger for the aureate fries. Its been five months, I passed it today, still the same thing, I visualise the look, taste, feeling (nice & hot). And I desire some. But my volition powerfulness is strong, I have got not given in. Bash not program on it.

I make not how other people experience about this or if they even recognize this is happening to them. It do me experience like I have got an addiction. It is still not out of my system five calendar months later! I sure trust I make not experience the same manner after a year. I did not have got french fries everyday, but a least once a hebdomad I would stop.

If you are feeling like nutrient is calling you... You better check up on yourself, it may be.